Standard Series 1

The high  performance compact sterilizer that puts you one step ahead

Finding the right sterilizer for your application is crucial. Performance, ease of use and reliability are essential for sustaining maximum productivity.

Series 1 sterilizers from bmm weston are designed to deliver. Ideal for a variety of applications with chamber sizes from 180 – 340 litres, they offer ease of operation with colour touch-screen controls and automatic doors.

Combining comprehensive functionality with high specification and premium engineering synonymous with BMM Weston.

Series 1 is the number one choice for todays demanding sterilizing environments.


The Series 1 range comprises single or double-ended models with 500 x 500mm chamber sections.

The range includes models configurable for the following applications:

  • Porous Load
  • Instruments
  • Media
  • Sealed & unseated liquids
  • Discard, fluid, plastic & mixed
  • Fabrics
  • Glassware & plasticware
  • Pipette tips
  • Free steaming

Configurable cycles

With Series 1, cycles can be configured using discrete cycle stages, with each stage performing a separate function.

Users can also programme parameters to control each function within predefined limits and set warnings and fault conditions to parameters if specified limits are exceeded.

Main features include colour LCD touch-screen systems for easy input and reading of data, automatic sliding doors for fast loading and castors for easy manoeuvering. Various options can also be fitted — please discuss for details.

Loading equipment

BMM Weston can provide various loading equipment solutions to suit your requirements.

Typical Porous Load Cycle

Standard Compliant

As with all BMM Weston sterilizers, Series 1 units are designed and built by the company in the UK to the most stringent requirements.

We operate to ISO9001:2008 plus GAMP and our machines comply with all relevant European and British product standards BS3970, PD5500 and NHS guidelines including C14, HTM 2010 and EN285

Control & quality All-in-one

Large 10.4” touch sensitive colour LCD

Capable of showing cycle data display including time, temperatures, pressure, stages and fault messages.

Screen save option when sterilizer not in use.

Special menus available for:

  • Supervisor
  • Maintenance
  • Validation
  • Cycle log store
  • Machine configuration

Control panel

The ergonomically designed Series 1 control panel incorporates the following user-friendly controls and functions:

  • 10.4” touch sensitive colour screen
  • Thermal printer
  • Power on/off
  • Door operation
  • Door locked indicator
  • Stop button
  • Reset
  • Chamber pressure gauge
  • Steam inlet gauge
  • Optional IMS (independent monitoring system)

Access codes

All menus, cycle selection and end of cycle authorisations are protected by codes to prevent unauthorised use.

Codes available are:

  • Operator
  • Senior operator
  • Supervisor
  • Maintenance
  • Root

Key features


Rectangular section in 316L stainless steel

Steam Jacket

For improved drying and heat retention

Water jacket Cooling System

To accelerate cooling


For maximum energy conservation

Automatic Powered Door

Pneumatic, vertical sliding

Pressurised Door Seal

Pressure operate floating gasket for a perfect seal

Visual Display Unit

A large 10.4” TFT colour touch screen

Multiple Cycles

Up to 20 configurable cycles

Access Codes

Menus protected for authorised personnel

Data Log Store

Internal memory storage


Thermal printer

Pneumatic Valves

Delivering improved reliability and performance

Load Probe

Provides optional control of sterilizing stage

Water Conservation

Water is recirculated at temperature to reduce water usage

Water Discharge Control

Ensuring discharge is kept below 80°C


St St fascia panels and Access doors are available.

Leak Rate Test

Standard and Time Set programs

Technical Data

Available models:

Series 1 – 180 to 340 litre capacity

Vertical sliding door, 500x500mm section, single & double ended

Series 2 – 370 to 670 litre capacity

Horizontal sliding door, 680x680mm section, single & double ended

Series 3 – 510 to 1370 litre capacity

Series 4 – 1070 to 2320 litre capacity

Horizontal sliding door, 680x1570mm section, single & double ended

Series 6 – customer specific (example 6682 litre capacity)

Horizontal sliding door, customer specific, single & double ended

STU Version

Small in size, big on performance

Designed and manufactured at our site in the UK, our new Series 1 Steam Sterilizer combines BMM Weston’s extensive design experience
with the latest technology and methods to bring a machine that is even smaller in size, but big on performance.


Easily accessible components from the front or rear, leaving room
to fit multiple machines side by side or as a standalone unit.

4 swivel castors provide maximum manoeuvrability.

New technology removes the need for a heat exchanger
and optimises water usage.

Smooth Shelving:
Maintenance free, Stainless steel with smooth shelf runner.

Trolley and Carriage Loading Option Available:
Constructed from 316L stainless steel, our automatic transfer trolley
and carriages are designed to suit both 2 and 3 STU sterilizers.

Single Door and Pass Through available

Two STU –160 Litres and Three STU –230 Litres

Options Available

Integral Steam

18kw Integral Boiler that ensures a continuous clean steam supply, with automatic blowdown and water level measured by radar to ensure reliability.

Integral RO

Ensures that the correct quality of water is supplied to the boiler, with an on demand supply from the storage tank. Waste condensate is recycled back into the system for efficient water usage.

Integral Air Compressor

Ensures an on-demand supply of air pressure, with low noise levels and a long lifetime.

Variable Cool Drain

Temperature controlled cool drain system reduces water waste by supplying the optimum amount of water usage.

Porous Load and Laboratory Machines Available


Porous Load Sterilizer

  • Instruments, textiles, rubbers and tubes.
  • Operating Programs at 121°C and 134°C
  • Bowie and Dick, leak rate test, helix test
  • Self-diagnostic leak test
  • Factory programmed to EN 285
  • Cycles can be configured from a series of discrete stages

Laboratory Sterilizer

  • Discard, medium preparation, glassware, fluids and textiles
  • Operating programs from 105°C to 134°C
  • Leak rate test
  • Cycles can be configured from a series of discrete stages

Compliant to Industry Standards

As with all BMM Weston sterilizers – quality is at the heart of what we do; UK Manufacturing is our strength and ensures the highest level of quality. Operating to ISO 13485 & ISO 9001, BMM Weston sterilizers are fully compliant.

S1 Technical Data:

Sterilizer Model No. Chamber size (w x h x d mm) Vertical Sliding door Single Ended Pass through (double door) Integral steam generator available Overall width & height (mm) Overall Length (mm)
P106 350x670x680 600×1970 1100
P108 350x670x980 600×1970 1400
L106 350x670x680 600×1970 1200
L108 350x670x680 600×1970 1500
P106D 350x670x680 900×1970 1000
P108D 350x670x980 900×1970 1300
L106D 350x670x680 900×1970 1000
L108D 350x670x980 900×1970 1300

Also in the Range:

S1 S2 S3 S4 S5
160 – 230 litre 370 – 870 litre 550 – 1500 litre 1660 – 2870 litre 1070 – 2320 litre
2 – 3 STU 4 – 12 STU 6 – 21 STU Pit Mounted Pit Mounted
Vertical Door Vertical Door Horizontal Door Horizontal Door Horizontal Door
Compact Unit Compact Unit Large Capacity Large Capacity Large Capacity