Company Profile


Babich Maintenance and Steriliser Services Pty Ltd (“BMSS”) is a private proprietary company that is wholly Australian owned.  The company was registered in May 2005 and specialises in the sales, service and technical support of a large range of products used by the Healthcare and Research Professions throughout Australia.

The company is the exclusive Australian Sales and Support Agent for the following entities: –

  • BMM Weston;  A UK Engineering company specialising in the manufacturing of sterilisers, washer-disinfectors and clean steam generators for Hospitals, Dental and Medical facilities and Laboratories. With representation in many areas throughout the world including Asia, Europe and the United Kingdom. BMSS holds a significant portion of the Australian market with BMM Weston units installed throughout Australia.
  • Smeg Instruments; Italian based company specialising in the manufacturing of quality products including washer-disinfectors for use within Hospitals, Dental and Medical facilities and Laboratories. BMSS has seen a significant growth of this product within the industry since its affiliation with Smeg.
  • Ultrawave; Ultrasonic cleaners located throughout the world. They are one of the largest UK manufacturers of precision ultrasonic cleaning equipment.
  • LTE Scientific;  BMSS provides sales, service and support for their range of Endoscope Cabinets into the Australian market and is the sole provider of genuine manufacturer recommended spare parts for the units. Small Laboratory Autoclaves up to 120 litres have recently been introduced to the Australian market successfully with demand increasing.
  • Ermis Medizintechnik; Exclusive agent for the supply of stainless steel baskets and lids, sterilising containers manufactured in Germany suitable for both sterilisers and washer/disinfectors.
  • Gandus Saldatrici Packaging Machines; German manufacturing company specialising in the supply of heat and vacuum sealers to the Australian medical market.
  • Dekon Steam Solutions; Supply of steam testing equipment used in confirming the steam quality supplied to sterilising equipment.
  • LowTem Plasma Sterilisers;  Exclusive agent for the supply of Low-Temperature Plasma Sterilizers manufactured within South Korea suitable for busy hospitals requiring a rapid turnaround of instruments in an environmentally friendly manner.

BMSS is also the Western Australian representative for a range of products and consumables including the following: –

  • GKE Australia; A Sydney based company supplying washer/disinfector and ultrasonic chemicals used in the reprocessing of medical and surgical instruments. Supplies a range of process indicators used in the sterilising and cleaning processes including Bowie & Dick tests, PCD’s and Dr. Weigert chemicals.
  • Malmet (Australia) Pty Ltd; BMSS are responsible for the supply and ongoing servicing and maintenance of the Malmet range of products including pan sanitisers, drying cabinets, fluid cabinets and blanket warmers.
  • Melag Benchtops; Sales and Service Agent for the supply of the range of Melag Benchtops utilised by office-based medical practices.

The company is recognised as being Quality Assured Company; having obtained certification to IS09001:2015 Quality Management Systems, AS/NZS ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management and AS/NZS 4801:2001 Occupational Health and Safety. It prides itself on actively involving the management and staff in complying with these standards and the high level of sales and service that is provided based on this protocol.

The company closely works with its clients to ensure that services and tools increase their ability to: –

  • Consistently deliver high-quality levels of Customer Service
  • Demonstrate clear and concise business processes that facilitate control and business improvement
  • Become more efficient, transparent and able to weather further change
  • Meet or exceed their expectations and are on time and within budget to ensure Customer satisfaction

Babich Maintenance and Steriliser Services has a business objective to use resources efficiently, minimise waste and the likelihood of accidental discharges of pollutants whilst maintaining a safe, healthy and environmentally friendly working environment in which staff, visitors, subcontractors, suppliers and the general public are not exposed to unreasonable hazards.

Qualifications of Directors

David Michael Babich is a qualified electrical mechanic/fitter and has significant experience in the industry and is held in high regard by his peers. He has considerable knowledge in the sales and servicing of all components of sterilising, washing/disinfecting. He is a diagnostic analyst and is regularly providing advice and technical support to all components of the industry along with presenting at various events with his knowledge. He is a founding member of Babich Maintenance and Steriliser Services.

Suzanne Maree Babich is a Chartered Accountant and holds professional qualifications in Accounting and Business Law and has completed many post graduate studies. She is a previous recipient of the Golden Key International Honour Society along with the RK O’Connor QC Prize for the highest achievable mark in Taxation Law within Western Australia. Suzanne is also a founding member of Babich Maintenance and Steriliser Services.

Office Supplies and Equipment

The company has premises located within the Western Australian Perth metropolitan area and Sydney, New South Wales providing support across the company to its wide range of clients. Both premises have fully functional office and workshop facilities.

Spares parts are located at both premises minimising downtime to clients along with service technicians carrying fully stocked vans of equipment. Service Agents located in various states of Australia also have access to spare parts for clients.

The company utilises a sophisticated Client Management System to maintain office administration procedures and servicing requirements for all clients on the database. This is easily accessible by clients from remote services to allow them to access history and upcoming events for their sites.


BMSS prides itself on the calibre of its staff and the expertise of the team. All staff are required to undergo vigorous training courses to ensure their competency across a range of products. Support is provided by way of a Management Team who are experts in their fields and are highly qualified and recognised within the industry.

The company has minimal staff turnover attesting to the quality of support provided and excellent working conditions.

Occupational Health and Safety

It is a company policy that all personnel involved within the business are fully trained and deemed competent to carry out works within the company. This includes relevant current licences and certifications.

Ongoing training is provided to all staff of the company and they are actively involved in ensuring compliance with Occupational Health and Safety standards along with Environmental awareness. Regular updated courses are conducted by manufacturers to ensure that the staff are always provided with the latest information and procedures.

The company enforces the requirement of completing relevant Job Safety Analysis Reports and site inductions to keep the safety record blemish-free.


Babich Maintenance and Steriliser Services Pty Ltd are aware of the need to be associated with professional bodies to ensure compliance is achieved in all aspects of Legislation and Australian Standards.

The company are active members of the Institute of Hospital Engineers of Australia, SRACA and Australian Dental Industry Association. The company is also in regular contact with the College of Electrical Training, Energy Safe, Department of Consumer and Employment Protection, Fair Workplace Australia and Worksafe Australia and utilises the services of Employsure when co-ordinating employee relations.

Suzanne Babich is also a current registered member of the Australia Institute of Chartered Accountants, Taxation Institute of Australia and National Tax & Accountant’s Associated Limited.


Babich Maintenance maintains the necessary insurances for the operation of the business including Public/Products Liability, Professional Indemnity, Income Protection Insurance for Directors, Workers Compensation, Journey Insurance, General Property, Motor Vehicle, Cyber and Electronic Equipment Insurance. Certificates of Currency are readily available to clients for their perusal.