Combination Bedpan and Utensil Washer Disinfector

The only Combination Washer Bedpan and Utensil Disinfector designed to meet Australian requirements.

The WDS has been designed to provide combined capabilities of a bedpan/urine bottle washer, and a utensil/bowl washer, without the additional cost and space necessitated by having separate machines. This allows more space and budget to be allocated to more income producing activities, such as additional beds, operating theatres etc.

Designed and manufactured in Australia to meet our client’s needs.

The WDS has gone through a thorough and exhaustive R&D program, including site trials at a number of facilities. Malmet has listened to the needs of both clinical and engineering staff and has designed the WDS to meet the requirements of all our clients, whether it be a large metropolitan hospital, a smaller regional hospital, or an aged care facility.

Designed to minimise Infection Control Risk.

The WDS has been designed to mitigate infection control risk.
This has been achieved by…

  • A control panel that has simple, identifiable symbols (not numbers) – making it easy to select the correct program
  • All cycle programs disinfect to the higher Ao600 level as recommended under AS4187:2014, there are no short “flush only” programs.
  • The WDS has unique sensors that detect the correct rack is in place for the required activity, whether it be washing bedpans/urine bottles, or utensils/bowls
  • Once a program is selected, cycle can be commenced using hygienic hands-free infrared sensor
  • All wash water is automatically dumped between each program to further minimise risk of cross contamination

Designed to comply with Australian and ISO Standards.

As an Australian manufacturer, it is far more onerous for us to comply with the relevant Australian and International Standards. In Australia we have had to go through a rigorous process, including local inspections of our factory, to ensure we meet all of the Standards. This means that you can be reassured that the WDS fully meets not just ISO15883, but also AS4187:2014.

Door Obstruction Feature.

The door obstruction feature is factory set; causing the door to re-open when an obstruction is detected. This is designed to protect the integrity of the unit and the articles within.


Easy to load

Bedpans and Urinal Bottles

WDS will hold up to 2 standard or bariatric bedpans, and up to 4 standard urinal bottles

Bowls and Utensils

WDS will hold up to 6 kidney dishes (with optional rack) or 2-4 bowls of various sizes. There is also an optional small items utensil basket with lid.

Washer Disinfector | Hospital Utensil Washer Disinfector | Bedpan and Utensil Washer
Washer Disinfector 2 | Hospital Utensil Washer Disinfector | Bedpan and Utensil Washer
Combination Bedpan and Utensil Washer Disinfector | Hospital Utensil Washer Disinfector | Bedpan and Utensil Washer

Easy to use

Note: For infection control safety, if the wrong program is pressed for the rack position selected, then “wrong rack” will be displayed, and the machine will not start.


Dimensions: 605mmW x 625mmD x 1700mmH
Shipping Weight: 160kg approx.
Capacity: 2 Bedpans AND 4 Urinals OR
2 small or large bariatric slipper pans OR
2 large bowls OR 3 medium bowls OR 4 small bowls OR
6 kidney dishes (with optional rack)
Any combination of various utensils etc
Detergent: Designed to use Malmet Detergent 5Lt bottle
PN# 81-9071sp
Accessories (optional): Small items utensil basket with lid
Kidney dish rack
Power: 415V 3ph 20A (model WDS3)
415V 1ph 20A (model WDS1)