MELA therm®10 The washer-disinfector

These advantages make the MELAtherm® 10 so unique:

Integrated documentation: The MELAtherm® 10 enables documentation at no extra cost via its integrated CF card slot or one of the two integrated Ethernet interfaces, the network, a PC or a printer.

Active drying: A very important feature of the MELAtherm® 10 is its integrated active drying. This protects your instruments against re-contamination, corrosion and damage.

Integrated metering module and process agents: Easily accessible and operator-friendly, the integrated metering module and process agents are stored in a drawer. This facilitates ergonomic and safe working practices.

Practice-optimized treatment chamber: With its optimized space concept, the MELAtherm® 10 enables economic, ecological and fast instrument treatment in a record time.

Systematic treatment: Both the Robert-Koch-Institute and leading hygienists demand aligned treatment procedures. MELAG system hygiene fulfils these demands perfectly.

You want to save time and money? Do not hesitate!

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Gathered in over 60 years of problem-solving in the hygiene sector.
Our practice-optimized treatment chamber satisfies demands for a value-for-money, safe and above all, fast treatment procedure. A wide range of baskets developed for use in specialist medical practices enable the treatment of a large volume of instruments in only 36 minutes (plus active drying). All this performance is yours at very low consumption costs of only 1.00 – 1.50 Euros per cycle.

You want to protect your instruments?
You want to work quickly and safely?

Profit form our expertise.

Gathered in cooperation with practice operators, hygiene experts and instrument manufacturers.
Instruments must be dry, regardless of whether they are to be re-used immediately after treatment in the washer-disinfector (semi-critical instruments) or whether they are to be packed for a following sterilization (critical instruments).
Only very few washer-disinfectors are equipped with an active exterior and interior drying for this purpose. In the MELAtherm® 10 it is integrated as standard and at no extra cost. The integration of the metering module, process agents and documentation (CF card, network, PC or printer interface) saves space and money and helps to avoid errors.

The diversity of the MELA therm® 10.

Solutions for all specialist practices.

The practice-optimized chamber of the MELAtherm® 10 enables short operating times, ergonomic work practices, a low consumption of process agents and optimal cleaning results. MELAG provides a wide range of special baskets and accessories to cater for all surgery needs. As this range is subject to continuous update, we cannot provide a complete description. The whole up-to-date program is available on the MELAtherm® 10 pages of our homepage
The following examples, drawn from four practices, demonstrate our wide product range.

Dental practice

Instruments for over 40 patients and up to 33 instruments with cavities can be processed in a single treatment procedure in record time.

Gynaecological practice

Up to 32 specula can be treated in a single treatment procedure in record time.

Stackable Flex baskets

Alternatively or in addition to a load with sieve cassettes or wash trays, MELAG provides stackable Flex baskets in a variety of designs.

ENT practice

Up to 192 ear specula and a variety of other instruments can be treated in a single treatment procedure in record time.

Surgery, orthopaedics, dermatology, urology, general medicine etc.:

With a variety of stackable Flex baskets, hose connections and adapters for up to 33 instruments with cavities, the MELA therm® 10 is also suitable for larger practices.

Integrated water treatment and optimal supply with demineralized water.

Competence in detail.

The water-softening unit integrated in the MELA therm® 10 provides consistent results in the treatment of water, irrespective of the quality of the tap water. Those practices seeking to minimize stain formation on their instruments can connect the MELA therm® 10 to an external water treatment unit, e.g. MELA dem® 53/53 C, which supplies the device with de-ionized water (DI water).

The key to perfection in instrument treatment:
The MELA dem® 53/53 C for the simultaneous supply of your washer-disinfector MELA therm® 10 and your autoclave.

Programs and versions.

Not just the treatment chamber, but also the operating times have been practice-optimized. The practice requires short operating times with the lowest-possible consumption of energy, water and process agents. All programs are configured to save resources and energy without affecting the short operating times or the good results of the cleaning process.
The Quick-Program cleans and disinfects instruments ready for use in only 36 minutes (plus active drying). Further programs are available for special requirements.

Program MELA therm® 10 DTA* MELA therm® 10 DTB*
Quick-Program 36 min 53 min
Universal-Program 40 min 59 min
Intensive-Program 51 min 64 min
Ophthalmo-Program 42 min 59 min
Rinsing 3 min 3 min

*All programs plus active drying, which the operator can interrupt at any time.

The Ophthalmo-Program.

The Ophthalmo program is especially adapted to the requirements of an ophthalmic surgical practice.
The use of de-ionized water in connection with conductivity monitoring optimizes patient protection in this highly sensitive area.

MELAtherm® 10 DTA / MELAtherm® 10 DTB.

MELA therm® 10 is available in the versions 400 volt (threephase current, MELA therm® 10 DTA) and 230 volt (alternating current, MELA therm® 10 DTB). If the installation location permits connection to a 400 volt power supply, we recommend the MELA therm® 10 DTA due to its significantly lower operating times.

You want to optimize your practice routine? Use a system solution!

Profit from our expertise.

The MELA therm concept rests on our efforts to combine the requirements of the Robert-Koch-Institute and leading hygienists of perfectly aligned treatment processes and operator wishes.

Working even more ergonomically.

MELA therm® 10 with floor unit.

Practice requirements vary considerably, especially when the treatment room has already been set up. Therefore we provide the MELA therm® 10 in two models. The built-in device fits into a normal 60 cm opening and can also be placed free-standing in the room. If the MELA therm® 10 is not covered by an end-to-end worktop, we recommend the additional stainless steel cover plate.

Technical Data The built-in device* Device with floor unit
Device dimensions (W × H × D) 59,8 × 81,8 (83,6**) × 67,8 cm 59,8 × 124 × 67,8 cm
Washing chamber (W × H × D) 46,5 × 40,5 × 44,8 cm 46,5 × 40,5 × 44,8 cm
Weight 79 kg / 85 kg with cover plate 106 kg
Electrical connection DTA 3 N AC 400 V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, 3 × 16 A 3 N AC 400 V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, 3 × 16 A
Electrical connection DTB AC 220 –240 V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, 1 × 16 A AC 220 –240 V, 50 Hz or 60 Hz, 1 × 16 A
Power input 9,3 kW (DTA) / 3,3 kW (DTB) 9,3 kW (DTA) / 3,3 kW (DTB)
MELA dem® 53/53 C dimensions Ø 24 × 57 cm (61.5 cm incl. connecting bend) / Ø 24 × 44,3 cm (48,8 cm)

*Fits underneath a 60 cm table top **with cover plate

The hygiene cycle.

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