The Touchclave-Lab ‘K’ Series is LTE’s top-line range of mid-sized rectangular chambered general purpose autoclaves, available in 5 sizes from 150 to 450-litre capacities, with pass through versions also available from 300-litres and above.

A wide range of features are included in the K Series as standard to enhance machine performance and cycle efficiency

These include:

  • 3-program touchscreen control system
  • Internal data archiving
  • Water jacketed chamber for exceptional cooling efficiency
  • Water conservation system and exhaust condensate
  • Load-sensed process timer
  • Pneumatically operated door lock and sealing system
  • Integral silent air compressor

In addition, a wide range of options are available for the Touchclave-Labrange to suit individual customer requirements.

K’ Series models are designed to operate using either a steam generator situated beneath the chamber, or via the customers own direct steam supply. This arrangement maximises the usable chamber volume and provides a clean, unencumbered chamber, free from heaters and water

Unless the door is properly closed and locked, the cycle cannot be started

At the end of the cycle, the door will not be released until both temperature and pressure have reached safe pre-set levels

All models incorporate an easy glide vertical sliding door and have been designed to have a small footprint. A power door can be fitted as an option

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