Automated ultrasonic cleaner for hollow instruments

Pre-Sterilisation Cleaning

The Ultrawave hygea 5000 is a fully automated ultrasonic cleaner for hollow instruments. Used for pre-sterilisation cleaning of surgical instruments, the into many hospital decontamination processes throughout the UK and Ireland. Automated ultrasonic cleaner for hollow instruments 5000
is a fully automated ultrasonic cleaner for hollow instruments. Used hygea 5000 has been incorporated

Ultrasonic cleaning is an integral part of the hospital decontamination process. If an instrument is not clean, it cannot be sterilised. Combining the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning together with irrigation capabilities, the hygea 5000 is used as the first stage in many CSSD decontamination procedure

Pre-Sterilisation Cleaning

The hygea 5000 provides a complete automate process for pre-sterilisation cleaning of both hollow and other surgical instruments.

Locking Lid & Process validation

The integral printer ensures process control and a validated, repeatable cleaning cycle can be implemented every time. The integrated process  validation and print out provided a permanent record of:
• Date and Time
• Operator
• Location
• Unique cycle number

Touch Screen Control & Security

The hygea 5000 is easily programmed through the Touch Screen LCD control panel. The Split Level Security feature allows different logins for operators and administrators.

Automatic system

The cleaning cycle in the hygea 5000 incorporates the following stages:
¸ Auto fill
¸ Auto dose
¸ Auto irrigation
¸ Auto rinse
¸ Auto drain
¸ Validation print out

hygea 5000 Accessory Kit

The hygea 5000 is supplied complete with an accessory kit which contains all the fittings to connect hollow instruments to the machine‘s irrigation
ports. Ultrawave can also supply validation tools for periodic testing of your ultrasonic cleaner.

Service & Validation

Ultrawave’s Service team provide total installation, commissioning, periodic validation and training for the ultrasonic cleaner in line with recognised HTM standards.

Model hygea 5000
Use Cleaning surgical instruments including the internal & external
surfaces of hollow instruments.
Tank dimensions (mm) 655 x 320 x 180
Unit dimensions (mm) 1140 x 550 x 1100
Basket dimensions (mm) 625 x 300 x 90
Capacity 30 litres / 12 or 24 cannulated instruments
Construction • High grade stainless steel throughout
• Medical grade stainless steel tank
• Ultrawave in-house transducers
Operating features • Automatic opening, closing and locking lid
• Automatic detergent dosing with low level warning
• Automatic drain and refill
• Integral validation printer for cycle traceability
• Operator, Location, cycle no, date and time validation
•User programmable operations
-Spray/Flush/Cleaning/Rinse cycle
-Detergent dosing
• Cycle identification
Control • Siemens Touch Screen HMI controls
• Upgradeable software
• SLS – split level security for editing and operation
Electrical supply 13 Amp standard 3 pin socket
Required Water services
& drainage
Cold water supply: ¾” BSP male outlet (valved)

Hot water supply: ¾” BSP male outlet (valved)
(Max temperature 65°C)
(Required flow rate: 7.5 litre per minute)

RO/DE-I water supply: ¾” male outlet (valved)*
* of 2 x cold water supplies if unavailable

Waste connection:  30-42mm (standard washing machine