BMM Weston Washer Disinfectors C Range

Washer – Disinfectors – Dryers

This UK manufactured range of washer/ disinfector/ dryers offers unparalleled quality in performance, build standard and versatility. Compliant with ISO 15883:2006

The C-range is at the forefront of washer / disinfector I dryer technology. Available in 2, 3, 4 & 5 module versions with 16 fully adjustable programmes this microprocessor controlled machine maintains maximum flexibility and vesatility while its comprehensive monitoring and self-diagnostic systems provide welcome reassurance in terms of performance and safety. In addition to their impressive cycle program capacity C-range machines are available in 10 & 15 din chamber capacity versions.

Flexibility and Versatility

The C-range brings advanced levels of washing, disinfection and drying to Surgical Instruments, Hollow ware, Theatre Trays, Anaesthetic Equipment, Rigid Endoscopes, Transit Boxes, Theatre Footwear and Laboratory Glassware.

Meeting Standards

The C-range complies with all European safety legislation and carries the CE Mark. Most importantly it incorporates current

standards relating to the performance, safely and build quality of washer/disinfectors.

Process Validation/Verification

A comprehensive range of options is available in line with the requirements of HTM2030, including a fully-integrated system designed to download verification and process data direct to a Pc.


The C-range of machines can be supplied with an automated conveyor system. This fully integrated system will automatically load and unload single or multiple machines. It will also select the correct programme for the load.

A Complete Solution

Hospitals need complete solutions from their suppliers. That is why BMM Weston provides a range of ancillary products including additives, detergents and a variety of baskets to suit individual requirements. A full range of water treatment systems is available to meet individual customer’s needs.


The C-range comprises 2, 3, 4   & 5 module models with be options for steam. Electricaly  heated. The full range brings advanced levels of washing, disinfection and drying to:

  • Surgical Instruments
  • Rigid Endoscopes
  • Holloware
  • Transit Boxes
  • Theatre Trays
  • Theatre Footware
  • Anaesthetic Equipment
  • Laboratory Glassware

Control & quality All-in-one

C-Range control panel

16 fully adjustable programmes this microprocessor controlled machine maintains maximum flexibility and vesatility while its comprehensive monitoring and self- diagnostic systems provide welcome reassurance in terms of performance and safety.

TYPE 2 Automated Washer Disinfector with Ultra Sonic Below diagram shows a 4 Module chamber washer, C15/4u -S

Module 1: Pre Wash
Module 2: Ultrasonic wash
Module 3: Post Rinse
Thermal Disinfection
 Module 4: Drying

The wide range of machines available ensures there is a model to suit all requirements at competitive prices

Key features

10/15 DIN capacity

For maximum instrument throughput

16 adjustable programs

Interactive programmes with up to 6 washing levels

Microprocessor control

For maximum efficiency

Self diagnostic system

For safety and security

Electric, steam or dual heated

Wide range of models to suit your needs

Full view glass doors

Double glazed for safety. Available manual or automatic.

Integral additives store

With automatic monitoring

Ultra efficient integral dryer

Class S air filter

Three dosing pumps

With automatic additive dispensing

Loading systems available

Detergents and Rinse aids

A full range of detergents and rinse aids available

Automatic load/ unload available

Compatible load carriers B 15 model available

Additional capacity

Our Diverse Range

BMM Weston offer four different varieties to ensure the washing and disinfection of surgical instruments in all laboratory environments.

A Range

Type: Single Chamber, Single Ended
Total Internal Volume: 125 litres
Useable Volume: 106 litres
Internal dimensions: 490 x 510 x 500 mm
External dimensions: 830 x 880 x 630 mm
Throughput per cycle: 6 DIN

B Range
Type: Single Chamber, Single & Double Ended
Total Internal Volume: 250 litres
Useable Volume: 210 litres
Internal dimensions: 755 x 845 x 674 mm
External dimensions: 1292 x 1975 x 920 mm
Throughput per cycle: 10 DIN
B15… (as B10 except:)
Total Internal Volume: 350 litres
Useable Volume: 320 litres
Internal Dimensions: 755 x 845 x 855 mm
External Dimensions: 1292 x 1975 x 1120 mm
Throughput per cycle: 15 DIN

C Range
C10 ..
Type. Compartmentalised, available with 2—4 modules each with configurable programs
Individual module sizes: As B 0
C15 .. (as C 0 except).
Individual module sizes: As B 5

D Range
Type: Tunnel washer/disinfector, also available in corner configurations if required
Internal Dimensions: 500 x 400 x depth mm
External Dimensions: 750 x 1450 x 5400 mm

C-RANGE Features:

Modular Design – Enabling a choice of individual modules to best suit your needs.
10/15 DIN capacity per module – For maximum instrument throughput.
Sealed system – Removing re-contamination risk.
Glass doors – Allowing entire process and load to be visually monitored.
Super Drying – With HEPA filters fulfilling HTM2030.
Load carriers – Wide range available.
Automatic handling system – Microprocessor controlled.
Optional conveyors – Wide range available.
Program selection systembr – Automated throught load carrier tagging system.
Compatibility – Compatible with seperate instrument tracking systems
Validation/verification systems – A wide range available.
Complete HTM2030 adherence.
Integral touch-screen PC.