Gandus Saldatrici Routine testing indicators


Gandus Saldatrici Indicator is a new generation Indicator test for routing testing of your sealing devices. Specially developed to check the integrity of seals produced with your sealers. Suitable for Paper and Tyvek®backed laminated pouches.
It allows a safe, easy and quick ink test according to ISO 11607-1-2 and ASTM1929-12 .
Safe – no damage to the seal because it does not use any pipette or other objects to fill the pouch, and eliminates any risk of leakage or migration of the methylene blue dye .
Easy – easy to prepare and easy to check the result.
Quick – after no longer than 5 seconds you can see if the seal you made with your device is perfect, secure and safe.

How to use

Step 1

Gandus Saldatrici Routine Testing | Babich Maintenance&Steriliser Service

Put the into the pouch or sleeve

Step 2

Gandus Saldatrici Routine Testing | Babich Maintenance&Steriliser Service

Seal the pouch or sleeve

Step 3

Gandus Saldatrici Routine Testing | Babich Maintenance&Steriliser Service

Press by hand in the direction of the arrow

Step 4

Gandus Saldatrici Routine Testing | Babich Maintenance&Steriliser Service

Wait for 20 second – no longer – (if testing all 4 seals, allow 5 seconds ink contact on each)

After 20 seconds (no longer) check the integrity of the seal area and that the blue ink does not enter any part of the seal (eg channels)

Cat. Nr. Quty/box indicator Test Paper Packing 90510 30 indicator Test Tyvek® Packing 90510 30


Test system for daily testing of sealing device and for Operational Qualification according to EN ISO 11607-2:2006 process validation.

Guidelines of the WFHSS advise to test each medical heat sealer at the beginning of the day after the heating up.
Based upon the test the heat sealer can be released for the day.
Gandus Saldatrici Seal CheckIT is the perfect way to comply to the ISO 11607 – 2 requirements for Operational Qualification (OQ) and daily testing of your Medical Heat sealers

  • Is the sealing temperature defined and correct?
  • Are speed and force the most suitable for that kind of product?
  • Did the manufacturer indicate these parameters inside the specs?

How does it works?

Place in between the layers of medical pouches with face up to the laminate side of the pouch. The combination is then heat-sealed. By its unique printed pattern of the black area the inspection of the seal and the detection of minor or bigger problems are easily detected.

  • Sealing temperature too low
  • Sealing pressure too low
  • Interruptions in the seal

Compliance to standards

Procedure: ISO 11607 – 2
Materials: ISO 868 – 3

Technical details each test

Dimensions: 175 x 75 mm.
paper: 60 gr/m², Medical Grade
inks: waterbsed, non solvent, non-toxic, non-heavy metals

Box: each box is made of carton (180 x 80 x 25 mm.) and contains n. 250 pcs.