Ultrawave Hygea 6427


• Menu-driven LCD control
• Dual cycle traceability
• Irrigation for hollow instruments
• Electro-magnetic locking lid

The Ultrawave hygea 6427 ultrasonic cleaner provides effective, powerful, pre-sterilisation cleaning of hollow instruments. Incorporating an integral validation printer and memory card datalogger, the hygea 6427 provides validated pre-sterilisation cleaning of the internal and external surfaces of hollow instruments used in operating theatre procedures.

Ultrasonic cleaning is an integral part of the hospital decontamination process. If an instrument is not clean, it cannot be sterilised.

Combining the benefits of ultrasonic cleaning together with irrigation capabilities, the hygea 6427 is used as the first stage in many CSSD decontamination procedures.

The hygea 6427 is a 32 litre ultrasonic cleaner with internal pump and luer-lock system to clean the internal surfaces of hollow instruments.

The integral printer and the memory card datalogger ensures both hard copy and digital results of every cleaning cycle are recorded and stored.

The basket allows up to 12 laparoscopic and cannulated instruments to be connected to irrigation ports which flush cleaning fluid through the hollow instruments.

Following ultrasonic cleaning, instruments should be processed in a washerdisinfector.

1.Rapid & effective instrument cleaning

Cleans up to 12 cannulated instrument per cycle

2. Menu-driven LCD control

Fully programmable splitlevel security gives excellent process control.

3. Digital cycle traceability

The SD card port is a brand new feature on the Hygea 6427 and allows digital cycle traceability and validation of every cleaning cycle

4. Integral validation printer

Offers a hard copy print out of every cycle if required.

5. Electro-magnetic locking lid

Prevents instrument removal before being fully cleaned and increases safety of operators.

6. Comprehensive accessory kit

A selection of connectors and tubing for use with a wide range of laparoscopic and other surgical instruments.

7. Internal pump and luer-lock

Thorough cleaning of internal sufaces of hollow instruments.

CONSTRUCTION CASE High grade stainless steel
CONSTRUCTION TANK Medical grade stainless steel
OVERALL DIMENSIONS 750 x 410 x 350mm (WxDxH)
TANK DIMENSIONS 640 x 270 x 200mm (WxDxH)
BASKET DIMENSIONS 625 x 260 x 150mm (WxDxH)
CAPACITY 32 Litres
12 Cannulated instruments
Drain Valve ¾” BSP Valve
Control Digital
Validation Date, Time & Temperature
Operating features
  • Locking Lid prohibits process interruption
  • Manifold with 12 ports for hollow instrument irrigation
  • External validation printer for cycle traceability
MAINS CONNECTION 220v-240v (50-60Hz)