neodisher® N

Acidic detergent and neutralising agent for the reprocessing of instruments, laboratory glassware and animal cages
– liquid concentrate –

Main fields of application:

Neutralisation of alkaline residues when cleaning automatically

  • surgical instruments, anaesthetic utensils, containers, surgical shoes, and baby bottles as well as other medical devices
  • laboratory glassware

Acidic pre-cleaning resp. cleaning of

  • laboratory glassware
  • animal cages


Acidic detergent and neutralising agent, free of surfactants. neodisher N removes discolourations, lime, urine scale and other acid-soluble soilings. It can easily be rinsed off.

neodisher N is suitable for the automated cleaning and neutralisation of utensils made of glass, ceramic material, stainless steel, acid-resistant plastics and rubber. neodisher N is not suitable for light metal alloys, chrome and nickel plated parts as well as anodised aluminium.

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Application and dosage:

neodisher N is used in washer disinfectors for the neutralisation of instruments as well as for the pre-cleaning / cleaning of laboratory glassware and animal cages. The following parameter must be observed when using neodisher N:

For neutralisation when cleaning instruments automatically: 1 – 2 ml/l

Acidic pre-cleaning / cleaning of laboratory glassware: 2 – 4 ml/l at 40 – 60 °C

Automated cleaning of animal cages: 3 – 4 ml/l at 60 – 80 °C

Use suitable dosing devices for dosing.

For avoiding water stains the use of deionised water in the final rinse is recommended.

The neodisher N solution has to be rinsed off completely (preferably with deionised water).

When using neodisher N for the pre-cleaning resp. cleaning, attention must be paid to the fact that the items to be washed, the machine and the drain pipes are acid resistant. Eternit and cast-iron drain pipes are not suitable. The solution to be drained off must be neutralised before draining.

Do not mix with other products. Rinse out dosing system including suction hose with water before changing product.

Observe the instrument manufacturer´s recommendations for use according to the requirements of DIN EN ISO 17664.

The instructions given by the manufacturer of the washer disinfector are to be observed.

Only for professional use.

Technical data:

Density (20 °C) 1.5 g/cm3
pH-range (determined in deionised water, 20 °C) 1 – 4 ml/l 2.2 – 1.4
Viscosity (concentrate, 20 °C) < 10 mPa s
Titration factor 0.16 (in accordance with the neodisher titration method)


Ingredients according to Regulation (EC) No 648/2004 on detergents: > 30 % phosphates


neodisher N conforms to the European directive 93/42/EC, Annex I concerning medical devices.

Storage information:

Always store at a temperature range between -15 and 30 °C. Usable for 4 years when stored as recommended. For expiry date refer to the stamp mark on the label behind the hour glass symbol .

Hazard and precautionary statements:

For safety information see EC safety data sheets. These are available at under the category “Download”.

Dispose only when container is empty and closed. For disposal of product residues, refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.

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