Ultrawave Hygea 2

HTM compliant ultrasonic cleaner



• Dual cycle traceability (electronic and/or paper)
• Antimicrobial surface technology
• New white case

The Hygea 2 is an ultrasonic cleaning bath designed specifically for use in primary care facilities:
• Dental
• Podiatry
• General practice
Fully HTM01-05 compliant, the Hygea 2 is the first stage in surgical instrument decontamination

Model Hygea 2 benchtop ultrasonic cleaner
Use: Pre-sterilisation cleaning of dental and surgical instruments
Tank dimensions: 285 x 205 x 160mm (W x D x H)
Unit dimensions: 460 x 430 x 375mm (Max. height with lid open: 655mm)
Loading basket: 3 tier basket tray system
Basket tray dimensions: 240 x 170 x 15mm
Capacity: 8 litres/up to 45 standard dental instruments
Construction: • High grade stainless steel tank
• HDPE moulded case with antimicrobial surface technology
• Ultrawave ultrasonic transducers
Control: • Menu-driven LCD control panel
• Upgradeable Software
• Split-Level Security allows operator and administrator login
• Time (0-99 minutes)
• Temperature (Ambient-70°C)
• Antimicrobial surface technology additive
Validation: • Dual cycle traceability
• SD port for digital cycle traceability
• Integral printer provides hard copy validation:
• Practice & Operator names
• Date & Time
• Cycle No
• Set and achieved cycle parameters
Compliance & approvals: • HTM01-05 and HTM2030 compliant
• NP143 Scottish Contract approved
• Available on the NHS Supply Chain framework agreement
Operating features: • Electro-magnetic locking lid prevents cycle interruption
• Full cycle validation and traceability
• Easy access drain valve
• Thermostatic over-temperature cut off prevents the risk of protein coagulation
• Easy drain of instruments after cleaning
Required services: 13 Amp, standard 3 pin socket
Accessories: • Hygea Valet Instrument Cassettes
• Hygea Ultrasonic Energy Meter
• Sonozyme enzymatic detergent
• Ultraclean M2 detergent
• Aluminium foil
• Brownes STF Load Check Indicators

1. HTM Compliant

The Hygea 2 is specifically designed to meet the HTM01-05 and HTM2030 guidelines for ultrasonic baths used for the decontamination process of dental instruments.

2. Rapid & effective instrument cleaning

Independent testing has shown that a 10 minute cycle is sufficient to clean a full load of even the most heavily soiled instruments.

3. Menu-driven LCD control

Fully programmable split-level security gives excellent process  control.

4. Digital cycle traceability

The SD card port is a brand new feature on the Hygea 2 and allows digital cycle traceability and validation of every cleaning cycle.

5. Integral validation printer

As well as a digital record, the Hygea 2 offers a hard copy print out of every cycle if required.

6. Electro-magnetic locking lid

The electro-magnetic locking lid prevents instrument removal before being fully cleaned and reduces the escape of aerosols, increasing operator safety.

7. Large capacity

The Hygea 2 three tier basket system allows 45 dental instruments to be effectively cleaned in one load.

8. Anti-microbial surface technology

The moulded plastic case and control panel incorporate an antimicrobial additive. This gives a 99.993% kill rate against MRSA and other diseases over 24 hours, reducing the risk of cross infection and enhancing operator safety.

9. Contract approval

The Hygea 2 is approved on the NP143 Scottish Procurement contract and on the NHS Supply Chain framework agreement for dental decontamination.

Hygea 2 Accessories

Hygea Ultrasonic Energy Meter

The Hygea Ultrasonic Energy Meter is a simple to use device which gives an indication of the level of ultrasonic activity in the bath. Increasingly recognised as an alternative to the foil test, this Energy Meter allows easy performance monitoring of the bath over time.

Hygea Valet Instrument Cassettes

Used in conjunction with the Hygea Basket Carrier, these cassettes securely hold instruments in place, improving operator safety and allowing easy transfer of the instruments to the next stage in the decontamination process.

Ultrasonic detergents

Sonozyme is an enzymatic, single-shot dose detergent, specifically formulated for use in the Hygea 2.Also available for use in the Hygea 2 is Ultraclean M2 detergent.

Periodic Performance Testing

Periodic performance testing can be carried out by the operator. The Brownes STF Load Check test indicates cleaning efficacy while Aluminium foil or the Energy Meter indicates ultrasonic activity.

Service and validation

Ultrawave’s Service team provides full installation, commissioning, validation and training options for the Hygea 2, in line with recognised HTM standards.