The Gold Plus Quality Audit Trail system

The Gold Plus Quality Audit Trail system is designed specifically for use in surgical instrument decontamination units. This system enables the user to track reusable medical devices through the packing and sterilisation process.

A series of documents capture all information with regards to the autoclaving process. Users are able to record wash details onto the tray set or supplementary item packing label which has a unique number for traceability, along with the name of the person responsible and the date of processing, enabling staff to uniquely identify a packed tray set or supplementary item.

The system provides the user with a means of recording the sterilisation process for tray sets and/or supplementary items, detailing the number of items loaded into the steriliser, autoclave number/name and cycle number.

Failed items and a reason for failure can be recorded. Batch labels and applicators are available, using graphical symbols in line with BS EN 980 for the labelling of medical devices on batch release labels.

Gold Plus provides the user with a means of identifying which tray set and/or supplementary items were used on a patient and tracking back if required.

Daily/weekly batching pads, clips and folders are available for effective storing of documentation.

The items can be purchased separately or as a package with training included.

Independent audits are available, we are ISO9001 accredited to provide traceability systems to the Health Service for the tracking of sterile instruments and the auditing of those systems. This a chargeable service.