Electronic Tracking Systems for Healthcare

Healthcare providers looking for a solution for managing and tracking the process of sterilising medical equipment have a range of options open to them today.

Babich Maintenance and Steriliser Services (BMSS) offer a range of options for medical facilities looking for a system to take care of tracking, tracing, and meeting current quality assurance and regulatory requirements. We can offer everything from manual systems through to automated electronic systems.

In this article we will review the key components of a good electronic system to reach a benchmark standard in electronic tracking, traceability and QA. We will also consider the benefits to Sterile Service, Endoscopy, Medical Theatres, and Equipment Libraries.

Traditionally, there are several methods of handling decontamination / sterilisation – from the simple pen and paper, to batch labelling systems utilising labelling stickers, right up to state of the art electronic systems. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.

Pen and Paper

Affordability is the only advantage of the most manual system. However, there is no accountability or tracking available in manual systems.
Record keeping relies on the users following written or oral procedures and it often leads to mistakes. There is also no backup if records are lost or misplaced.
Documents should be approved by designated personnel. Documents and records shall be controlled and retrievable for the period of time specified.
Simple pen and paper are not consider to be in accordance with policies and applicable regulatory requirements as this requires to show Traceability and comply with minimum obligations.

Batch Labelling Systems

Batch labelling systems are more affordable than electronic systems and certainly have their place in many clinical situations. They are paper based and utilise printed labels but have a proper tracking defined system. Examples of batch labelling systems include our Scope Plus Auditable Manual Paper System, Gold Plus Quality Audit Trail System and Washer Plus Quality Audit Trail System.

A series of documents capture the identity of each set and its contents, washer details, cycle number, person responsible, date of processing, and whether the cycle passed or failed. This provides a means to record items that require repair, quarantining, or are missing. The system also offers daily / weekly check sheets, a special events log, folders, batch clips and pens.
As BMSS is ISO 9001 accredited, we can recommend and implement a batch labelling solution to fit your needs. We also offer training packages and system audits to help you expose any weaknesses in your present system.

Electronic Tracking Systems

Electronic Tracking Systems (ETS) use a combination of barcodes and scanners along with smart software that helps automate and record the process.
There are numerous distinct advantages to going fully ETS –

Compliance – As standards continue to evolve, you need a system that can keep pace with changes and meet the most stringent of requirements. Our Health Edge solutions keep pace with the compliance needs of the healthcare sector. We take care of the compliance requirements for you. Electronic systems also identify areas of non-compliance rather than you needing to look for them.

Accountability – As the activities of each staff member are tracked electronically, it is easy to trace through the system.

Accurate – There is no subjectivity, which can creep into manual systems.

Fast – You can retrieve records instantaneously, which saves time, while ensuring you have an accurate overview of all layers in the sterilisation process.

Adaptable – These are not one size fits all solutions. We customise the electronic tracking process to suit the individual needs of the healthcare facility. Our systems are used in facilities ranging from Sterile Services, Theatres, Endoscopy Units and in Mobile facilities.

Secure – Our systems are independently audited and certified to be secure, with regular vulnerability testing, plus they exceed the 21 / 22 Standards for data security. This is reassuring, considering the number of data breaches which have been in the news. Our systems also have Cyber Essentials Plus certification.

BMSS / Health Edge HESSDA / HESA Electronic Tracking, Traceability and QA Audit Trail Systems are used globally and are responsible for managing the sterilisation of millions of devices worldwide.

The Health Edge SSD Applications (HESSDA) enable the end users to record the full decontamination process, including patient association. The mobile applications enable the end user to manage delivery from decontamination unit to Theatre stores locations and back to the decontamination unit.

The Health Edge Scope Application (HESA) enables the end users to record the full decontamination process, including patient association. As per AS4187:2014 Clause 9.4 RECORDS OF RMD RELEASE, Healthcare organisations should be working towards an electronic tracking / process record system. Please contact us today at sales@bmss.net.au or (08) 9414 7635 to discuss your specific needs and our ISO certified team will help you find the right solution.

Author: Codesquad