INNOVATION AND QUALITY- the philosophy of a family-run business

An owner-run and operated family concern founded in 1951, MELAG has a long history of successful specialization on hygiene products for practice use. As a medium- scale business, it is this specialization and our expert development team which allow us to maintain and develop our product range in such a way as to satisfy international market needs.

Our focus on quality and sound practice, our openness to innovation and the precedence which we accord to safety has established MELAG as the world’s leading manufacturers in the area “hygiene products,” selling over 450,000 devices to date. Our entire product range is developed and produced exclusively in Berlin.
Over 200 employees work on ac. 20,000 m2 premises.

We have never seriously considered outsourcing to low-wage third countries, as we did not want to risk a reduction in our world-beating quality. We have also ruled out an expansion of our product range, as we remain convinced that quality requires consistent specialization on a narrow range of high-quality products. We remain true to our motto: “competence in hygiene” and first of all: made in Germany.

patients and medical stuff must be protected by safe reliable hygiene measures to do justice to the demand of medical due diligence. The industry  sector in turn must supply  suitable device and methods to meet this demand.

Worldwide there are almost 100 companies that also manufacture autoclaves for medical practices. But MELAG is the only producer on the international scene who concentrates exclusively on this one single product line.

This focus on core competence is the foundation of our international success, a success which must be conti- nually tested and proven. Every MELAG employee works towards this end with the greatest commitment.

The MELAG recipe for success: Conscious concentration on core competency.

Manufacturers who produce autoclaves as one of many products can perhaps afford to go through a business slump in the field. But those who concentrate on only one product line do not enjoy that luxury. Always have to be better than the competition.

Our international sales success proves that our autoclaves are better not only because of their manufactured quality. They are also better due to innovations. We are the first manufacturer to implement autoclave innova- tions that are truly trend-setting.

A few examples:

  • the one-way water system
  • the automatic water feed
  • the documentation via practice PC or network
  • the fractionated pre- and post-vacuum for practice autoclaves etc.

As always, we produce our autoclaves exclusively in Germany. Because innovative quality products have to be manufactured by quality-conscious, well-trained employees. The labor cost advantage of production in low-wage countries cannot play a role here.


Only practices which relieve their medical assistance staff from unnecessary tasks can save personnel costs. The goal is to avoid unnecessary waiting or work time in the preparation and sterilization pro- cess, so that there’s more time for the patients. In developing the Pro Class, our engineers therefore paid special attention to short operating times and simple operation of the autoclaves.

After activating the mains switch, all programs can be selected with the program key. The desired pro- gram is then started by pressing the Start/Stop key. The entire sterilization procedure, including drying, then proceeds fully automatically.

Easily adjustable special functions

Special options such as switching over to an external feed water supply via a water treatment system connected to the autoclave, or the automatic prewarming of the vessel, as well as a good deal more can be easily self-adjusted by the autoclave operator.

It is just as simple to select an output medium for the documentation, e.g. printer, MELAflash CF-Card Printer or practice computer system.

That also saves time in operating the autoclave.

Quick sterilization programs

The Pro Class autoclaves are not high-speed devices such as the autoclaves of the MELAG Premium Class. But nevertheless as a rule they are considerably faster than other devices on the market. In the quick program, unwrapped instruments such as dental handpieces and contra angles can already be removed after only 15 minutes, including fractionated pre-vacuum and vacuum- quick drying. Depending on the total load of the autoclave, wrapped instruments are again available for use after 26 to 50 minutes.

Two systems

  • “Stand-alone” devices

Vacuklav® 31 B+ and Vacuklav® 23 B+

These units feature an integrated water storage tank and a patented air cooling system. They work

with the extremely high-performance membrane pump technology which has proven its worth for decades. As a result of continued development work, the Vacuklav® 31 B+ and Vacuklav® 23 B+ represent two extremely high- performance autoclaves whose design simultaneously features the particularly economical use of resources. Both autoclaves require practically no installation work in your practice whatsoever, and can be operated independent of location. The noise suppression feature has also been improved.

      • absolutely independent of location
      • only a power supply is needed
      • minimum installation effort
  • Devices with tap water connection

Vacuklav® 30 B+ and Vacuklav® 24 B+

These autoclaves are prepared for fixed installation and are connected to a water feed and drain via the water treatment systems MELAdem® 40 or MELAdem® 47. A part of the tap water is prepared and employed to generate steam, and another part is directly employed to cool the high-performance vacuum pump. The low-maintenance water ring pumps of the Vacuklav® 30 B+ and Vacuklav® 24 B+ autoclaves permit longer service intervals and are characterized by extremely slight heat emission.

      • higher performance vacuum technology
      • resulting in much faster program runs
      • work and time saving due to automation of the water supply



The practice-friendly system: Automatic feed water supply with MELAdem® 40/MELAdem® 47.

All Vacuklav autoclaves can be automated by connecting the feed water supply with demineralized water to a water treatment unit. The used water is also disposed of automatically if the autoclave is connected to a drain. The measuring of the water quality integrated in the autoclave ensures that only water of the best quality for sterilization is fed into the system, thus protecting the autoclave and the valuable instruments.

We recommend

  • MELAdem®40: for small water requirements or only a few sterilizations per day. This water treatment system works on the ion exchange principle. The dual-chamber system of MELAdem® 40 guarantees an optimal utilization of the mixed-bed-resin pellets. The MELAdem® 40 can be mounted directly on the autoclave, on the wall or in a sub cabinet.
  • MELAdem®47: for greater water requirements. This water treatment system works on the particularly environmentally friendly principle of reverse osmosis. It is especially well suited for practices which conduct more than four sterilization runs per day. The minimum use of consumables with a maximum yield of high-quality water relieves the environment and saves costs. The scope of delivery includes the water storage tank and a separate tap for demineralized water.

MELAdem®47 (1) installed in a sub cabinet with water tank (2) . and tap (3).

The design – fuctional and attractive

Not only the performance and production quality of the Pro Class underline MELAG’s dominant position, their design makes these devices visually top class.

Operating the autoclaves should be both pleasurable and safe. The design fully support this demand. It shows what’s essential, and does its work efficiently. The large door lock is not only a design feature, but also ensures a safe and easy opening and closing of the door.

The large integrated funnel-shaped opening of the water storage tank makes it easy to fill the tank with demineralized or distilled water in the Vacuklav® 31 B + and Vacuklav® 23 B+. Alternatively, both autoclaves could be fed the required water supply from any external reserve container or even be connected to a water treatment unit.

The regular draining of the used distilled or demineralized water from the water storage tank of stand-alone autoclaves is generally a cumbersome manual task for the practice team. The used demineralized or distilled water can quickly be removed from the water storage tank without effort via the quick release connector of the Vacuklav® 31 B+ and Vacuklav® 23 B+ autolcaves. If the installation conditions permit, it is also recommended to connect the stand-alone autoclaves to a drain. Then the used water is automatically drained from the autoclave storage tank.

The optimum use of the sterilization compartment

The autoclaves are always with a mounting for trays or cassettes, included in the price. The delivery contains Mount> A <(for 5 trays or 3 standard tray cassettes) by default. Please indicate in your order if you would alternatively at no extra charge prefer Mount >B< for 4 standard tray cassettes or Mount >D< for two high cassettes e.g. implant cassettes or container systems.

sterilization containers

Several MELAG sterilization containers, available in different lengths and heights, can alternatively fit in the large sterilization chamber of the Pro Class. They are furnished with fasteners and cover seals and thus conform to EN 868.


The documentation with the Pro Class autoclaves as a proof for an effective and safe steri- lization can be very easily and comfortably be done by the operator. This approach secures evidence in case of presumed infection in the dental and medical practice. In the context of public health department checks or medical practice inspections, proper documentation and batch control are also considered important criteria for the “release” of instruments by the medical assistant after sterilization.

Batch control with MELAcontrol®

The EN 867-5:2001 and EN 13060 define the so-called Helix. This is a test specimen for “class B” autoclaves which simulates the most difficult demands for the sterilization of instruments with hollows. MELAG offers 2 systems for this.

Perfection with MELAsoft

  1. thanks to automated electronic documentation and release of sterile instruments.
  2. because of the barcode labels with possible tracing of used instruments is possible (when using the MELAsoft Label-Printer)

Black on white

The connection of the MELAprint°42 allows the traditional documentation of all cycle data on paper.

Flexibility with CF-Card

The MELAflash CF-Card-Printer is a modern, paperless alternative to the printer. J All cycle data will be written automatically a on the MELAflash CF-Card and can be a : read into any PC via the MELAflash Sy CF-Card-Reader.

Networked at last

The MELAnet Box connects the autoclaves of the Pro Class to the practice network. The cycle data can be transfered automatically to the practice server and be stored permanently. oom

Why  a “class B” autoclave?

The European workgroup appointed by the EU Commission has passed the European | Standard EN 13060 in the course of the harmonization of different national sterilization standards. The standard divides autoclaves into the classes “B”, “S” and “N”. “Class B” is the highest class conforming to the most stringent demands and therefore can be unrestrictedly used for the sterilization of all possible loads used in medical practices (also with hollow bodied instruments, handpieces and turbines) and for all kinds of sterilization packaging. A” class B” autoclave must = in any case pass a Helix test with a test specimen as per EN 13060:2001. According to expert opinion, that can only be achieved with a fractionated pre-vacuum procedure. The autoclaves of the profi class conform to “class B” requirements and are therefore absolutely future-safe.

Technical data:

Vacuklav 30 B+ Vacuklav 31 B+ Vacuklav 24 B+ Vacuklav 23 B+
Tap water connection ,,stand-alone” Tap water connection ,,stand-alone”
Chamber size
 35 cm long x 25 cm dia
45 cm long x 25 cm dia
Chamber volume
17 Litres
22 Litres
Loading quantity
5 kg instruments 2 kg textiles
5 kg instruments 1.8 kg textiles
7 kg instruments 2.5 kg textiles
5 kg instruments 1.8 kg textiles
Dimensions (w x h x d)
42.5 cm x 48.5 cm x 63 cm
feet of the unit fit on 50 cm tabletop
42.5 cm x 48.5 cm x 69 cm
feet of the unit fit on 50 cm tabletop  
42.5 cm x 48.5 cm x 75 cm
feet of the unit fit on 50 cm tabletop
45 kg
45 kg
48 kg  50 kg
Power supply
230 V / 50 Hz
230 V / 50 Hz
Power consumption
2,100 Watt
2,100 Watt

“First aid” from the MELAG Service Center

Not every unexpected message on the display of the autoclave indicates a technical defect. Often the problem only reflects an operating error or insufficient supply of operating resources, such as feed water. As contact partner for such problems which you can easily rectify yourself, you can consult the trained service personnel of your specialist dealer, the authorized MELAG Customer Service or the MELAG Service Center and ask for advice. In many cases a simple telephone call suffices to prevent the necessity of a service visit to your company.


All autoclaves of the Pro Class offer five sterilization programs and two test programs. The test programs can check and document the function of the autoclave in the dental and medical practice at any time. After selecting and starting the desired program, the modern microprocessor controls and monitors the entire process automatically.


Quick-Program B*
Quick-Program S*
Wrapped, 1340 C hold time: 5.5 Min.
Instruments wrapped / unwrapped, 1340 C hold time: 3.5 Min.
Instruments wrapped / unwrapped, 1340 C hold time: 3.5 Min.
wrapped, 1210 C hold time: 20.5 Min.
wrapped, 1340 C hold time: 20.5 Min.
Vacuklav 23 B+
Vacuklav 31 B+
30 28 15 45 45
Vacuklav 24 B+
Vacuklav 30 B+
30 26 15 40 45
Drying period
20 10 5 20 20

*max. 1.5 kg wrapped or max. load unwrapped